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Passage2: Brown window spiders

This type of spiders prefer to live in undisturbed areas, such as rock or woodpiles,  occupy garages, storage sheds, or crawlspaces, particularly in temperate regions around  the world. Black widows can be identified by their round, shiny black bodies and the distinctive red hourglass marking on their underside. Black window bites are rarely fatal, but can be serious and should receive medical attention as soon as possible. Symptoms may include headache, muscle cramps and weakness. Female black widow spiders are about 0.5 inch long, to about 1.5 inches long when the legs are spread. Males are about half the female's size, with smaller bodies and longer legs.Both females and males have shiny, globular abdomens and are mostly black and sometimes brown. Like many spiders, the black widow spider eats other arachnids and insects that get caught in their webs.

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Passage2: Brown window spiders

These types of spiders are brown as the name suggests, an easier way to recognize a brown widow is by its egg sac which is covered in small silk spikes. The size of brown widow is almost between 1 to 1.5 inches, their eating habits are prefer to eat insects inside the home. They can live in a small clear plastic container with a hole in the center of the lid that is stuffed with a piece of cotton.The venom of a brown widow is twice as potent as a black widow, although brown widows release less venom when they bite. Prevent brown widows in your home by tidying up and removing clutter to take away their hiding places, and by keeping your home free from other insects so they have fewer food sources.The brown widow builds its web in secluded, protected sites around homes and in woody vegetation with branches. brown widows are more inclined to spin their webs in places humans congregate, especially under outdoor furniture and around barbecues.

  • Study materials (text1 and text 2), and discuss.


Study materials (text1 and text 2), and discuss.

Discuss and sharing knowledge of the core ideas (concepts facts and relationship of spiders) and

  • Practice Fact items


Practice Fact items

Q1: What is size of Black window? Answer: Q2: Which spiders are more smaller in size? Answer: Q3: How we prevents our home from spiders

  • Practice Concept items


Practice Concept items

which spider has bites can be serious and should receive medical treatment ? A. Black Widow B. Brown Widow C. Brown Recluse

  • Practice Relationship items


Practice Relationship items

State the relationship between Black window and Brown widow spiders

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