• The cambridge handbook of the learning sciences-Sawyer 2014

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    • 学习活动:请各位同学将自己计划阅读的章节列出



    刘宁 博士:阅读     第 1章:Introduction: The New Science of Learning (R. Keith Sawyer)

                                 第11章:Frontiers of Digital Video Research in the Learning Sciences: Mapping the Terrain (Ricki Goldman, Carmen Zahn, and Sharon J. Derry)

                                 第36章:Conclusion: The Future of Learning: Grounding Educational Innovation in the Learning Sciences (R. Keith Sawyer)

    陈宝军 博士 阅读   第 2 章:Foundations of the Learning Sciences (Mitchell J. Nathan and R. Keith Sawyer) 

                                 第 4 章:Metacognition (Philip H. Winne and Roger Azevedo)

                                 第20章:Knowledge Building and Knowledge Creation: Theory, Pedagogy, and Technology (Marlene Scardamalia and Carl Bereiter)

    方圆媛 博士 阅读    第 3 章: Scaffolding (Brian J. Reiser and Iris Tabak)

                                 第15章: Problem-Based Learning (Jingyan Lu, Susan Bridges, and Cindy E. Hmelo-Silver)

                                 第23章:Informal Learning in Museums (Kevin Crowley, Palmyre Pierroux, and Karen Knutson)

    刘怡娟 博士 阅读    第5章: A History of Conceptual Change Research: Threads and Fault Lines (Andrea A. diSessa)

                                  第9章:Microgenetic Methods (Clark A. Chinn and Bruce L. Sherin)

                                  第26章:Learning in Virtual Worlds (Yasmin B. Kafai and Chris Dede)

    石君齐 博士 阅读    第6章:Cognitive Apprenticeship (Allan Collins and Manu Kapur)认知学徒制

                                 第22章:Arguing to Learn (Jerry Andriessen and Michael Baker) 辩论学习

                                 第31章:Arts Education and the Learning Sciences ( Erica Rosenfeld Halverson and Kimberly M. Sheridan) 艺术教育和学习科学

    包昊罡 博士  阅读   第7章:Learning in Activity (James G. Greeno and Yrjö Engeström)

                                 第10章:Analyzing Collaboration (Noel Enyedy and Reed Stevens)

                                 第21章:The Social and Interactive Dimensions of Collaborative Learning (Naomi Miyake and Paul A. Kirschner)

    徐唱    博士   阅读  第8章:  Design-Based Research: A Methodological Toolkit for Engineering Change ( Sasha Barab)

                                 第14章:Project-Based Learning (Joseph S. Krajcik and Namsoo Shin)

                                 第24章:Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning (Gerry Stahl, Timothy Koschmann, and Daniel Suthers)

    汪丹    博士   阅读  第12章: A Learning Sciences Perspective on the Design and Use of Assessment in Education ( James W. Pellegrino)

                                 第25章:Mobile Learning ( Mike Sharples and Roy Pea )

                                 第32章:Learning Sciences and Policy Design and Implementation: Key Concepts and Tools for Collaborative Engagement (William R.           Penuel and James P. Spillane)

     周伟   博士  阅读   第13章:Educational Data Mining and Learning Analytics (Ryan Baker and George Siemens)

                                 第19章:Videogames and Learning (Constance Steinkuehler and Kurt Squire)

                                 第27章:Research in Mathematics Education: What Can It Teach Us about Human Learning? (Anna Sfard and Paul Cobb)  

    司刊的尔 博士 阅读 第28章:Science Education and the Learning Sciences as Coevolving Species (Nancy Butler Songer and Yael Kali)

                                  第29章:Learning Historical Concepts (Mario Carretero and Peter Lee)

                                  第30章:Learning to Be Literate ( Peter Smagorinsky and Richard E. Mayer)

    陈文     博士   阅读  第33章:Designing for Learning: Interest, Motivation, and Engagement (Sanna Järvelä and K. Ann Renninger)

                                  第34章:Learning as a Cultural Process: Achieving Equity through Diversity ( Na'ilah Suad Nasir, Ann S. Rosebery, Beth Warren, and Carol D. Lee)

                                  第35章:A Learning Sciences Perspective on Teacher Learning Research (Barry J. Fishman, Elizabeth A. Davis, and Carol K. K. Chan)   

    包昊罡  博士生  阅读  第7章  Learning in Activity(James G. Greeno and Yrjö Engeström)

                                     第10章 Analyzing Collaboration(Noel Enyedy and Reed Stevens)

                                     第21章  The Social and Interactive Dimensions of Collaborative Learning(Naomi Miyake and Paul A. Kirschner)


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