The 18th International Conference on Computers in Education, ICCE 2010

November 29, 2010 (Monday) to December 3, 2010 (Friday) Putrajaya, Malaysia.

Organized by the Asia-Pacific Society for Computers in Education <> Hosted by the Faculty of Educational Studies, Universiti Putra Malaysia, Malaysia. <>

The Faculty of Educational Studies, Universiti Putra Malaysia proudly announces that it has won the bid to host the 18th ICCE. It is an honor to collaborate with the Asia Pacific Society of Computers in Education to host this major international event in Putrajaya, Malaysia.

ICCE 2010 will be a meta-conference for researchers in the Asia-Pacific region to connect with international research communities for the worldwide dissemination and sharing of ideas for research in the field of Computers in Education. Six coherently interrelated sub-conferences, of each is organized by its own program committee on a specialized theme, will be arranged in the five-day Conference. Researchers and graduate students are welcomed to participate in paper presentations (8-page full papers, 5-page short papers and 3-page poster papers), workshops, open forums, tutorials, doctoral student consortia, panel discussions and interactive sessions under the following six themes:

C1: ICCE Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Education/Intelligent Tutoring System (AIED/ITS) and Adaptive Learning
C2: ICCE Conference on Computer-supported Collaborative Learning (CSCL) and Learning Sciences
C3: ICCE Conference on Advanced Learning Technologies, Open Contents, and Standards
C4: ICCE Conference on Classroom, Ubiquitous, and Mobile Technologies Enhanced Learning (CUMTEL)
C5: ICCE Conference on Digital Game and Digital Toy Enhanced Learning and Society (GTEL&S)
C6: ICCE Conference on Technology, Pedagogy and Education

The six theme-based sub-conferences will foster the building of research communities in the field of Computers in Education. The meta-conference is anticipated not only allowing researchers to enhance their identity in the thematic research communities, but also bringing them the open-mindedness and inspiration for their future research.

The submission deadlines for the scholarly work for the Conference are listed below.

May  3, 2010: Conference Papers
June 14, 2010: Workshop Proposals
August 2, 2010: Open Forum Proposals, Tutorial Proposals, Panel Proposals, Interactive Sessions Proposals
August  2, 2010: Doctoral Student Consortium Papers
August 16, 2010: Workshop Papers

Putrajaya is a truly remarkable city. It is A City in a Garden that is inspired by nature. Putrajaya is well known for its lush greenery and beautiful botanical gardens, surrounded by magnificent lakes and wetlands. Come and join ICCE 2010 and acquire rich academic and cultural knowledge. We look forward to your participation in this important event in Putrajaya, Malaysia.