2012-present, Host the project of "Research on Simulation and Interaction in Augmented Reality-based Learning Environment", by the Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities(Grant No:2012LYB14)

2012-present, Host the project of "Research on Key Technology and Application of Augmented Reality-based Learning Environment", by Beijing Natural Science Foundation(Grant No:4123099)

2012.04-2014.04, Host the project of "Research on Modeling Technology in Virtual-Reality-Combined Learning Environment", by Open Funding in State Key Laboratory of Virtual Reality Technology and System (Grant No: BUAA-VR-12KF-12)

2010-2011, Host the project of "3D Virtual Learning Environment", by Beihang University

2010.09-2012.01, Host the project of "Construction of Information Technology Course Resources", by General Administration of Sport of China.

2009-2010, Host the project of Key Technology of 3D Virtual Learning Environment, by Educational Equipment Research Institute, Ministry of Education (Grant No: 2-3/2009).

2008-present,Participate in the project of 4A(Anyone Anything Anywhere Anytime) Learning Platform, by Higher Education Press.

2008-present,Participate in the project of "The popularization proposal to utilize the education technology to improve the teaching quality of rural primary school", by THE FORD FOUNDATION.

2005-2008,Research in the area of 3D mesh compression, Digital Geometry Processing (DGP) for funds from the National Natural Science Foundation of China. I implemented all the algorithms by Java and Java3D in Eclipse, and the geometry compression rate was close to the best level at that time.

2004-2005,Participate in the project of Share Platform and Standard of Digital Museum of Chinese University run by the Ministry of Education. I’m now working as the student group leader in this project and conducting the overall design as well as detailed project work.

2004-2006,Participate in the project of Virtual Olympic Museum run by the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Municipal Government of Beijing. As one of the 20 key projects for the 2008 Olympic Games, the aim of this project is to build a first-class world virtual museum, contributing to the Olympic of science and technology. I’m working as the student group leader in the overall design of this project and have finished the set-up of technology platform as well as 3D sub-systems “A Motion Capture Based Seamless Human Animation over the Internet: Virtual Long Jump in Ancient Greece”, “Virtual Wuqinxi”, “Virtual Skee”, “Virtual Badminton”.

2003-2004,Participated in the project of Digital Museum of China run by State Bureau for the Preservation of Cultural and Historical Relics, a pioneering research into the digitalized preservation of China’s cultural and historical relics. As the student group leader, I made the technology feasibility study and overall design of the project. I was specifically responsible for the “3D Graphic Engine based on Internet”. Clients appraised this project as “the most outstanding completed project within recent 5 years” in the acceptance test in September 2004. It was also highly praised by experts and audience at the Chinese Cultural Heritage Protection Expo in October 2004, Beijing.

2002-2003,Participated in the State 863 Plan of the Tenth Five-Year Plan—“Research on the Virtual Olympic Museum ”(2002AA117020), which has solved problems of contents, computer technology, operation and maintenance in the virtual museum. I did all organization and coordination work as well as 3-D key prop-up technology. This project has been completed at the end of 2003.

2001-2002,Participated in the project of Online Public Resources Development for Modern Long-Distance Education—Digital Museum of Aeronautics and Astronautics. I took charge of the whole project, implemented a robust blind image watermark tool. This project had won the first place in the evaluation of 19 museum projects and was well-reputed at 2002 International Airshow (Zhuhai, China), Century Airshow (Beijing, China) and Beijing International High-Tech Expo in 2003.