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Natural Interaction in Education (now)

1、Interactive magnetic field visualization with Kinect
2、playing the piano with Leap Motion

Mobile AR

1、Mobile Campus Touring System based on AR and GPS. apk installing file
2、Learning English on Tablet based on AR

A simple production for miku stereographic projection

AR-based application can be only displayed on the 2D screen, however, the stereographic projection can let you see virtual objects in the real space. The disadvatage of current stereographic projection is that we can only see the recorded video without interaction. Now we are researching on the interactive stereographic projection, in order to use it to demonstrate the cases of experiments in science education. Demo videos to see here1, here2(youku), here3 (youtube).

Augmented Reality Application in Education(now)

Augmented Reality is listed as one of six technologies in Horizon Report by NMC since 2010 and 2011. It's very interesting. I made some demos in education field (The Future Book, Convex Imaging Experiment), and implemented transfering the application to the Android platform. More information click here.

3D Virtual Learning Environment

Do you play 3D games over the Internet? It is a web-based multi-user online 3D learning environment, where you can make a discussion, watch videos, learn from a ppt file , etc. It is like Second Life, but just a prototype. The application will come soon...


Blue and White Porcelain for Java (2009)

Composer: Jay Chow, Lyrics: Cai Su
This song is for the course "Object Oriented Programming (Java)". Thanks for Cui Zhenfeng, Hong ziye making it and Yi Gege singing it. Just enjoy it.


It is a learning platform, like BlackBoard, Sakai, Moodle etc. The object is Anyone can do Anything about learning at Anywhere and Anytime. Oh, it's a very hard task, but we are trying our best to get it^-^

Roll Call(2009)

In fact, I don't like roll call at my classroom. Take it easy, it is just a way to stir up the classroom atmosphere and the closer relationship between the teachers and students.

  The lists as follows are some demos when I was a student.....
Serial Port Controller(2008)

Octree-based 3D Mesh Progressive Compression(2006-2008)

3D data’s progressive transmission over the Internet, detail can see pdf.
Virtual Ancient Greek Long Jump(2006)
a little game over the Internet about long jump in Ancient Greece. Left figure is the real scene of motion data acquisition. Right figure is the virtual scene through Motion Capture technology and skeleton-skin animaion.
Virtual Lishe(2007)
It shows some cultural relic of the lishe game, which is an ancient Chinese game. This game needs to combine the proprieties and toxophily. we have recoverd the whole process through virtual reality technology.
Virtual skii(2004)

A little game over the Internet.
Virtual Badminton(2004)

A little game over the Internet.
Virtual Olympic Museum(2005-2006)
The Digital Museum is a virtual museum that provides an enjoyable way of learning about the significance of the telecommunication service and the technology behind that service through the Internet. The Virtual Olympic Museum is served for the 29th Olympic Games in Beijing. The objective of this project is to build the first “Virtual Olympic Museum” in the world that will comprehensively introduce the history and evolution of Olympics under the multicultural background. The “Virtual Olympic Museum” will also demonstrate the resplendent civilization of China’s ancient sports as well as the significant contribution that China has made to the modern Olympics. By building the “Virtual Olympic Museum”, we hope we can offer a unique window that will display the three themes of Beijing Olympics to the world as well as further promote the Olympic spirits among Chinese people.
Virtual Museum(CCTV4) (2006)

video1, video2