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Welcome to the VIRTUAL CREATURES Website! 

The VIRTUAL CREATURES project is an NSF funded research and development project.  Our interdisciplinary team is exploring the educational potential of a new way of seeing living creatures and interacting with them.  The foundation of this new way of seeing is a high resolution computerized three-dimensional visualization of an actual organism in its entirety, inside and out. We call this a virtual creature. You can see the virtual frog we have begun to create. We plan to create a library of virtual creatures designed for teaching.  Students will be able to explore, visualize, touch, and change these creatures in ways that are impossible with real laboratory animals.  Students will be able to learn about biology, physics mathematics, biomechanics, and biochemistry in a rich multidisciplinary learning environment. 

Share your experiences with us and tell us what you think!  We need help from teachers and students to design educationally useful ways to view and interact with virtual creatures by touch as well as sight. We need help, too, in developing sample teaching units that use virtual creatures to help teachers and students learn important concepts about life science.  You can find reports of our progress at this site. We plan to make full use of Web-based technologies so that teachers and students can share, contribute, and benefit from the knowledge and experiences of the global educational community.  In short, this is your project too! 

For comments or questions, please visit our feedback page.

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